Why Live Entertainment?

As a professional musician, this is question that I hear a lot. With the enormous amounts of technological innovations at our fingertips, people are redefining what the term ‘live’ means. More and more people are streaming ‘live’ events in the comfort of their home, opting to watch a livestream on youtube, facebook, or many other online platforms. These are amazing options for us all and increase our exposure to a variety of music from around the world that we may never have been able to see before. We should never forget, however, the impact that a live experience can have on us. Human beings are, by nature, social creatures. Our physiology is one that supports the intake and effect of in-person, or ‘live’ experiences.

There is a human element to any live performance which can make it exciting to watch and listen to.

Think about it, we were built to take in our surroundings. Singing and playing rudimentary instruments has been a part of human history going back thousands of years. When you attend an event with your friends, neighbors, and even strangers, you are renewing this age-old social contract. Listening to music on mediums like Radio, T.V., Internet, etc., is often very different than hearing those same items live. There is a human element to any live performance which can make it exciting to watch and listen to. That element is due, in large part, to personal choice. The musicians performing for you may make different choices, regarding the performance, in live situations that are different than even a recorded version would be. This makes every performance special. You get a truly unique experience when there’s this kind of variability.

At live events, these experiences can be passed on to your guests/attendees. Pre-recorded music on an iPod or other device, while inexpensive, doesn’t have the same versatility of sound that a live person/group does. I’ve also seen recommendations from a lot of online sources that say pre-recorded music and/or D.J.’s are a better option when needing a wide range of versatility. D.J.’s can provide their own type of variability in live performance, but at the heart of what they do still includes pre-recorded music. Musicians, feeling pressure to become more versatile for a long time, have adjusted and adapted by increasing the variability of what they can do. I personally know musicians who are amazing at playing any style, anywhere, at any time. People are consistently surprised at what live musicians can do. They are committed to learning and doing the things that will allow them to work, allowing them to do what they love. Sometimes the D.J. option is the right one, but the lines where that may have been apparent are blurred in more situations. It ultimately comes down to what you want for your event. If you want cheap, then the best option is probably a playlist on iTunes or Spotify. If you want a true experience for your guests, then live is really what you should be aiming for. I can’t personally think of one time where someone was listening to a live band and said, “Wow, I don’t like live music. I really wish this was a recording instead.” It is a differentiator, that makes an event look more upscale. It will make your event stand out from others, making it more memorable. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, private party, corporate or other event, live entertainment can bring an extra dimension to it, making it special for you and your guests.

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